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Games & Entertainment

Imagine a dedicated room for games and entertainment where you could retreat in comfort and have an amazing time. Be it a game of pool, chess or hard core online gaming, we could cutomise this space for your needs. Below are some basics we could deliver.

Internet Connection

Bring the internet to your garden room and enter the world of digital gaming or binge watch your favourite entertainment channel. Focus on the experience and don’t let a weak WiFi signal spoil it. We’ll bring the internet connection cable from your main line, so you don’t have to rely on the wireless waves reaching your remote building.

Integrated Sound System

Loose yourself in an amazing sound when playing your games, exercising, listening to your preferred music or during exciting work meetings and podcasts. Sync your sound system with the rest of the technologies around you and benefit from one seamless interaction and control. A good quality sound will enhance your whole experience for the better. We could integrate the system within the design of your building so you don’t need to deal with extra wires and visible speakers.

Technology Specific Requirements

In addition to a nice comfortable space for you to relax in, you might also need to plan for other technological requirements. Think about adding additional electrical sockets to your building, partition your room for different activities or have the necessary connections in place for you to run a TV, projector and potentially multitude of different consoles. Also use lighting solutions to set the ambiance according to the mood of the play.